The verdant plains of Bengal have long been the source of livelihood and prosperity for its people. Crisscrossed by scores of rivers, these fertile deltas have been among the major granaries of the region. Awash with the silt brought down by the Ganges-Brahmaputra system, the Bengal deltas are both blessed and cursed because of the unique geographic location. These delicate deltas are said to be most susceptible to global warming.

Few other places in the world are so imperilled with climate change as this alluvial land at the mouth of the great rivers. At the same time these deltas have the potential to lead the world in meaningful adaptation and is already showing the way to do it. From flood resistant cereals to floating vegetables, necessity is indeed driving our innovation.

Anyone can measure the rise in salinity or the extent of a high tide during the full moon. But it is here in the Bengal deltas, the frontline of climate change, that these changes and their fallouts will be felt first.

The Bengal Delta intends to enlighten readers with insights and stories from that climate frontline. This portal dedicates itself to inform people about the perils ahead. The pages of this website will attempt to educate visitors. But more than anything else, the Bengal Delta strives to provide an insight into the environmental issues of the day, an insight that is pristine and pure that befits the name.


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