Biodiversity| 26 Apr 2018

From frying pan into fire

Increased rainfall forecasts trigger landslide fears for Rohingya refugees in hillside camps

Climate Change  |  30 Aug 2018

Climate change putting Bangladesh’s coastal archaeological sites at risk

More frequent natural disasters and rising sea levels are causing damage to the coastal infrastructure

Water  |  24 Jul 2018

The hungry children of Mother Ganges

During his month-long trip, Abu Siddique saw an extensive network of dams and barrages diverting water all along the way

Biodiversity | 19 Jul 2018

Tourists may now be able to cruise along the whole Sundarabans

A deal to allow cruise ships to pass between India and Bangladesh in the world’s largest mangrove forest

Energy | 24 Jul 2018

Solar street lamps light up rural Bangladesh village

And a solar pump provides clean drinking water to schoolchildren, in an area plagued by arsenic in groundwater

Biodiversity | 24 Jul 2018

Bangladesh plans nuclear power plant at Hilsa sanctuary

Despite making great efforts to conserve the Hilsa, Bangladesh sets up a nuclear plant near a sanctuary for the fish

Climate Change | 24 Aug 2018

Bangladesh backtracks on carbon tax proposal

Mooted climate policy dropped from the budget announced on Thursday, as energy and transport lobbies complained


The cool Alaknanda river at Devprayag before meeting the Bhagirathi, and then originate the Ganges

 Higher level of water extraction for irrigation, industries and household needs around the urban centres have cumulatively been declining water flow in the Ganges.

Heavy water vehicle movement on the Pashur river that run through the Sundarbans, carrying raw material and fuel to the factories.

The private jetties of the industries set up in Mongla port, Bangladesh

The Sangam- Devprayag, where the Alaknanada and Bhagirathi meet and creates the mighty Ganges

The private jetties of the industries set up in Mongla port, Bangladesh

Chars- the river islands in Bangladesh are being the hub of vegetable production


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